Episode 10 Episode X - #Journodicks, Lyra McKee, Tom Watson and Ocqur


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We're back! Sorry it has been so long but we're here to rinse the fur off journalism's teeth and ask the question - are you a dick? Lyra McKee of media news aggregation site MediaGazer wrote this blogpost condemning some journalists, especially those in tech of being dicks, abusing their position and acting bigger than the story. This prompted plenty of conversation. We discuss if it's true and what it means for journalists starting out. You may not be a dick but Tom Watson MP sort of is. Following the release of his book "Dial M for Murdoch" he was accused by former News of the World reporter Neville Thurlbeck of quoting off the record conversations between them. As of now (Tuesday 24 April 2012 9:04 BST) he hasn't responded... And app of the week is a little different this week as Jo talks about his own project, liveblogging software Ocqur. Stay fresh!

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