Increasing Motivation, Test-taking Skills & Board Prep Success (Ep. 53 Rebroadcast)


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Discover test-taking tips, test-prep strategies, how to increase motivation, and more!

Chase DiMarco finishes up this 7-part mini-series with test-taking tips, test-prep strategies, how to increase motivation, and much more. We all struggle with these topics at some point in our academic careers. However, knowing how to notice when things are going astray and how to correct your actions is a skill we were often never taught. Keep motivated, organized, and keep self-assessing and you WILL reach your goals!

Key Episode Points!

0:41 Study Buddies & How to Select the Right One for You

5:18 Making Learning more Durable and Finding Personal Relevance

14:50 Developing Practical Knowledge & Improving Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation for Medical Students

22:08 Failing Upwards: How a Supportive Environment Encourages Positive Mistakes

Proper exam materials and techniques

27:34 Test-prep Skills, Materials, Organization, & Pitfalls

32:18 Using Analysis of Board Exams to Qualify Our Testing Strategies

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