2020 Medicare Changes Announced!


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Hey Medicare Nation!

CMS just announced the 2020 Medicare Part B Premium increase!

CMS also announced 2020 Part A Deductible and co-pays, as well as the Part B annual deductible.

Here's a look at what's changing in 2020:

Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-payment amounts are adjusted each year in accordance with the Soc Sec Act.


Increase: 1.6% (Avg $24 more a month)

Average Monthly SS Check $1,503.00


Inpatient Hospital Deductible: $1408.00

Daily Coinsurance Days 61-90: $ 352.00

Daily Coinsurance-Lifetime Reserve: $ 704.00

Skilled Nursing Facility-Days 21-100: $ 176.00


Standard Monthly Premium: $ 144.60 ($9.00 More)

Annual Deductible: $ 198.00

It's a great time to review your plan for 2020.

Is it the right plan to fit your unique needs?

If so........ keep it!

If not....... change it!

I am available to assist you with your Medicare Plan choices for 2020.

If I can answer your email in one paragraph or less, I WILL answer your question for you!

If the answer to your question requires any research or my response is longer than one paragraph..... I will let you know that you will need to hire me to answer that question.

If you live outside of Florida, you can hire me as your consultant at a rate of $200.00 an hour ( The hourly rate is going up to $250.00 an hour, starting January 1 2020).

If you are a Florida resident, I can assist you in enrolling into the plan that fit's your unique needs at no additional charge. I will receive a commission from the insurance carrier once you are enrolled. The commission is regulated by Medicare.

The Annual Enrollment Period ends December 7th, so make sure you do your "due dilligence" and find the plan that works for you!

Until next time..... Have a Happy, peaceful & prosperous week!

Diane Daniels

Medicare Consultant


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