20. Herbalism, Menstruation, & Innate Knowing - Kami McBride


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In the Intro:

  • My number one herb book
  • My healing pilgrimage to the skull of a blue whale
  • I say somthing that's hard to say
  • Edible & Medicinal Flowers eBook
  • The dark places of the soul & sharing our stories

In the Interview:

  • The strong childhood memory, and teenage crisis, that started Kami on the plant path
  • Recalling the era when being an herbalist was an underground, misunderstood, frowned-upon thing
  • You never know where or when the seeds you plant will sprout
  • Bringing information to the culture so that it can later be mirrored back to our children (or loved ones) by someone other than us
  • Unspoken soul transmissions from the ancestors
  • How to extract ancestral stories from your living relatives (do it now!)
  • What you are seeking is also seeking you
  • We are downloading decades of ancestral information right now & it’s causing information overload- when do we know enough?- an ancestral strategy for simplifying our herb learning
  • You don’t have to know everything, too much information clogs the channels
  • Stepping into power as bleeding women
  • Healing menstrual shame & a look at the learned cultural practices of plugging and drugging (which, in the long run, just repress and create more pain)
  • How your blood & bleeding time reflects your state of health back to you
  • Aligning with the energy of your moon time- enhanced perception, clarity around boundaries, awareness of emotion
  • Menstruation is a truth serum
  • Sensitivity is what’s gonna save us
  • Women, exhaustion, and rest
  • One small change that has dramatically reduced PMS symptoms for many of the women Kami and I know (including me!)
  • Returning to our innate body wisdom


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