27. Anti-Racist Genealogical Research (for Everyone) - Darla Antoine


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People of color have limited genealogical resources with which to find their ancestors, while people of European descent's ancestors gave up their ethnic identities in order to become "white". Both of these outcomes, which have cut most Americans off from their roots, are a direct result of racism and white supremacy. In this interview we discuss the history of colonialism in America and its effect on ancestral knowledge, and Darla shares tips and considerations for POC engaged in genealogical research and for white folks wishing to make meaningful cultural reparations.

In the Intro:

  • Free access to the Anti-Racist Genealogical Research webinar!

In the Interview:

  • Genealogy is America's favorite form of ancestral reverence (and the difference between genealogy and ancestry)
  • The story of Darla’s maternal indigenous grandmother and white grandfather
  • The construction of whiteness in early America
  • White bias in DNA tests and considerations for people of color interested in taking a test
  • The history of the One Drop rule for black folk and Blood Quantum for Native Americans
  • Ideas for people with settler ancestry who wish to make cultural reparations
  • Manifest Destiny & how oppressors need to make up myths for why they deserve to oppress people
  • Genealogy research self care ideas for people of color
  • Putting our personal family stories in a larger socio-historical context
  • Project ideas for making something tangible out of your genealogical research
  • Breaking down autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y chromosomal DNA and what those tests show
  • The importance of forming a research question when engaging in genealogical research


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