36. Magic Makes Us Human & Plants Keep Us Rooted- Rebecca Altman


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How strategic inefficiency can make us more efficient, knowing your personality type, and being deeply rooted in place.


  • What time can do (my recent family emergency)
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing
  • Lion's mane mushroom & hawthorn berry medicine


  • How the journey through grief, depression, and getting on and then getting off 5 different pharmaceuticals at once led Rebecca to herbalism
  • Meeting the spirit of a place/seeing your home with new eyes
  • Sexy desert plants: creosote (chaparral/Larrea) & ocotillo
  • Where there is no word for magic because it's just a normal part of life & why believing in magic makes us human
  • The West's missing rites of initiation & why we have such a hard time adulting
  • Realizing that no one else is going to tell you that you belong, that you have the gift, that you are magical
  • The humoural approach to herbalism & healing: why knowing your personal balance of temperaments (sanguine, choleric, meloncholic, and phlegmatic) can help you to know yourself better
  • The debilitating cultural preference/lie embedded in The Hero's Journey
  • The virtues of working inefficiently
  • A practice to get you rooted and step you back inside yourself: reconnecting to what we cut off in order to get things done quicker & better
  • Root medicine: shatavari & ashwaganda


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