37. Ancestral Legacies, Lost Cultures, & Personal Mythmaking - Janelle Hardy


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The stories that call to us, the ancestors who live in us, the cultures that are lost to us, and so much more...


  • Self care and energy hygiene for sensitive types
  • Ancestral languages
  • Elderberry magic


  • Making peace with our names, the legacy of patriarchal naming, changing names, prehistoric kinship ties, and pondering how our most ancient ancestors chose names
  • Spectral visitations from the grandfather who died before Janelle was born
  • Rootlessness, and what is lost when people set out on their own and leave their land and people behind
  • How our ancestors live in us, even when we can't claim their culture as our own
  • Language as a gateway to the ancestors
  • Megalithic monuments and the transition from hunting and gathering to farming in Europe
  • Starting a podcast
  • Knowing whose land you're living on
  • The ancient tales we're drawn to
  • Diving deep into embodiment and creativity
  • The profound inner and outer journey of Personal Mythmaking
  • Navigating the world as a Highly Sensitive Person and empath- "I need a lot of self care to be connected to my deep self"
  • Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, somatic experiencing, and other coping mechanisms/self care
  • Chronic trauma responses and nervous system stuckness
  • The more ephemeral cultural transmissions: textiles, fiber arts, music, dance, cooking, etc.


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