38. Healing Our Indigenous European Ancestors - Lyla June


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Our task as European-ancestored people, seeing what's been hidden beyond our short-sighted view of history, and why healing isn't possible in the absence of love.


  • Who gets to claim their ancestors?
  • Healing broken lineages
  • Cultural appropriation & reparations


  • How Lyla, raised to acknowledge only her Native American side, came to understand and honor her indigenous European ancestors
  • What happens when people hate their ancestors (and therefore themselves)
  • Making space for everyone's healing- permission to grieve all the ancestral traumas
  • Going way back in time to understand colonizer/oppressor actions
  • Lyla's early experiences with sexual abuse, alcohol, and drugs and how they informed her perspective on restorative justice
  • Pilgrimage to the Sacred Motherland of Europe- "These mountains may have lost their people, but that doesn't mean they don't need ceremony"
  • Seeing through the thin wall of time that dominates our understanding of history & remembering that the vast majority of our ancestors lived before cultures and humans got broken
  • Indigenous languages are the sound of the land speaking through the people
  • Love is the only thing worth doing here
  • Where do we go from here? It depends on where we came from


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