40. Ancient Medicine & the Love of the Ancestors - Atava Garcia Swiecicki


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We each carry our own unique ancestral medicine, and can (and should!) spend a lifetime uncovering it. A teacher of herbal, folk, and indigenous medicine, Atava is deeply grounded in and a powerful guide through this sacred work.


  • Synchronicity, mushroom medicine, and the deer dress
  • Herbal Medicine Giveaway
  • Ancestral Apothecary's Student of Color Scholarship Fund- investing in herbal education is investing in the health of your community
  • The Ancestor Song


  • Invocation
  • When an ancestor becomes an ally from the other side
  • How to know when it's really a message from spirit and not just our own projection
  • Food as the one surviving cultural tradition within a family
  • Remembering your indigenous mind
  • How giving time and attention to our roots can heal relationships among the living
  • Ancestral connection and reverence work never ends
  • Healing is in our bones, our blood, our DNA
  • Being witnessed in our stories
  • Remembering that the plants are (literally) our ancestors
  • Using plants to ground deeply when talking about and facing ancestral issues like colonization and slavery- we're never alone as long as we have our plant allies
  • Making space for people of color to explore and reclaim their ancestral medicine
  • Teaching healing skills so that people can treat those within their own communities and not need saving from elsewhere
  • Herbalists are the grassroots community healers
  • You're going to be a better herbalist and healer if you're rooted in your own ancestral traditions
  • We all come from people who work with plants
  • Love is the basic fundamental vibration that keeps the universe moving- how love and community saw Atava through uterine cancer & remembering to reweave the energy of love back into the healing arts
  • A beautiful death: how the love we give and receive in this life carries us into the realm of the ancestors


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