47. Rose Medicine: Softness & Strength From the Queen of the Flowers


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Humans have been joyfully engaging with rose medicine throughout the ages. This luxurious herb works on so many different parts of the body and spirit because of its many healing properties. Let's talk about them.

Click here to get the beautiful PDF Bringing Rose Medicine Home, featuring 6 rose recipes from 5 herbalists, plus my 3 favorite rose products.

  • An overview of rose's abundantly generous physical & energetic medicine
  • Wild v cultivated roses
  • Which roses are best to use, and which to always avoid
  • A healing message from rose that came to me recently, and the synchronicities that followed
  • "Rose unwinds the stuckness that is often rooted in old grief, old trauma"
  • Rose Delight Honey recipe from Kami McBride
  • Rosebud Tea recipe from Rosalee de la Foret
  • Rose is medicine for the whole heart
  • Rainbow Heart Beams Elixir Giveaway!
  • Discount on the Wild Rose Surprise Box from Rebecca Altman
  • The Big (podcast related) Realization that came as a result of rose showing up in my life
  • Upcoming guests & subjects


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