54. Lineage, Calling, and the Mythic Imagination - Sharon Blackie


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Myth is the power of place speaking, and the story threads that made meaning and held guidance for our ancestors can be found anew and re-woven for our times. When we tap into the mythic imagination, we remember the calling that brought us into the world.


  • Dreaming the ancient ways
  • Sisters of rock and root


  • The Loss of the Voices of the Wells: the sacred contract between humans and the land, and how the desecration of women and the destruction of the earth are interwoven
  • The loss of lineage results in the loss of our stories
  • The sophistication embedded in ancient myths, and how we’ve been raised misunderstanding the old stories
  • Stories have an independent existence outside of the human mind and reside in the imaginal realm
  • A myth is the power of place speaking
  • The Otherworld is an overlay, interwoven with this one
  • How the heroic journey is killing the planet
  • Archetypes are universal, but expressed in myth through different cultural filters
  • The wise old woman of the world, and the Cailleach that informs much of Sharon’s work
  • Cultivating the mythic imagination & courting the world soul
  • The meaning of “calling”: every one of us came here to do something that matters
  • The stories that we loved as children hold meaning for us
  • Discerning coincidence from synchronicity
  • Grounding the imaginal realm
  • Bodyfullness v mindfulness
  • The root of the word “enchantment” means “to sing into”- becoming re-enchanted is singing yourself back into the world
  • Telling stories to the land, and the sacred responsibility to engage with the earth


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