Megayacht News Radio: Andrew Grant Super, Berkeley Rand


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Usually, when megayacht owners or charter guests want to visit somewhere remote, their yacht agents reach out to expedition guides. BWA Yachting created its own company, Berkeley Rand, to handle the tasks, with a twist. Berkeley Rand employs artificial intelligence and other technology in combination with real-life knowledge, making far-off voyages far more special. In fact, Andrew Grant Super, Berkeley Rand’s managing director, says the technology has previously only been used in the aerospace industry. He sees it greatly enhancing expedition cruising. “There is a thirst for adventure and experiences at sea,” he declares. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, we dive into how he and his team are enhancing these experiences, whether a few days or a few weeks. Specifically, we discuss with Andrew: why he considers his team "experiential engineers," and what that meansexamples of how Berkeley Rand is enhancing the onboard experiencewhat the future will bring for the application of these technologies in yachtingand more.

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