Megayacht News Radio: Deb Radtke, American Yacht Agents


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As the president of American Yacht Agents, Deb Radtke works with a lot of international captains and crew. She assists them with tasks related to cruising the United States and overseeing refits here, including advising on what visas they need to enter the country. Unfortunately, despite abundant accurate information readily available, crew still sometimes apply for the wrong visa--relying on hearsay from misinformed friends, or bad advice spread on social media. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, Radtke sets the record straight. In fact, she discusses: * which visa crew need, and why--as well as which visa is not the right one * why listening to chatter in the crew house instead of the captain can prevent crew from entering the United States * why social media is not your friend * how her own background as a captain helps properly educate other captains and crew.

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