Megayacht News Radio: Joost Mertens, Vripack


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The thought of a design studio having a fleet manager might strike you as being a bit odd, since you may typically hear of someone having this role at a retail charter company, or a yacht management company. But, it’s not only quite normal for Vripack, it’s vital. As the fleet manager, Joost is in constant contact with not just captains, but also owners of yachts bearing the studio’s naval architecture and engineering expertise. This way, not only does he get first-hand feedback from them on how their yachts are performing, but also—as we discuss in this podcast—he can fill in the rest of the Vripack design team so that they can incorporate improvements into future designs wherever possible. Specifically, we cover: * how specifically he helps owners, their captains, and their crews as they pursue voyages, from advising them to answering questions even while they're in the midst of a journey * how Vripack clients cruise all over the world, in all sorts of conditions * how he monitors the usability of the Vripack fleet, which in turn influences future designs.

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