Megayacht News Radio: Mark Cavendish and Thom Conboy, Heesen Yachts


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Heesen Yachts has its roots in lightweight, swift yachts, dating back to 1978. While series builds have played a large part in its growth, the Netherlands-based builder is increasingly taking on custom projects. And not custom for custom's sake, either. From a superyacht fitted with a patent-pending structural support called the "Backbone" to one with a fishing cockpit and an astoundingly powerful 22,000-hp engine package, Heesen is challenging traditional ideas of what large luxury yachts can do. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, we speak with two key members of the sales and management team, Mark Cavendish and Thom Conboy, to learn: * how Heesen has evolved, and is continuing to evolve * how it balances customers' desires for yachts with a proven technical package with other customers' desires to push the notion of what's possible * the risks and rewards of concept designs, especially ones that are anything but traditional * and more.

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