Megayacht News Radio: Rob McCallum, EYOS Expeditions


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Some of the most remote places on earth are accessible only by water. EYOS Expeditions helps superyacht owners, guests, and crews get there, thanks to its team's decades of experience exploring them. But, it doesn't solely secure permits, design itineraries, or arrange specialist guides. EYOS further takes a leading role in new builds whose owners want to pursue adventurous itineraries--whether diving to depths unknown, or seeing Antarctica up close. In fact, it has an ongoing relationship with Damen, which just launched its first SeaXplorer explorer yacht. In this episode, Rob McCallum, EYOS' founding partner, talks about how he and his team advised on details from the SeaXplorer's hull form and bridge layout to the tender davits and Zodiac boarding arrangements. In addition, having led multiple expeditions to the RMS Titanic and battleship Bismark, McCallum explains how overall EYOS works one on one with owners and crew to ensure their safety both above and below the surface.

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