Megayacht News Radio: Sustainability Training for the Superyacht Industry


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Robert van Tol, the founder of Water Revolution Foundation, has had an ambitious--and attainable--goal in mind since establishing the non-profit: driving and accelerating sustainability in the superyacht industry. In fact, as you may remember from a podcast we did with Robert last year, Water Revolution Foundation is proving to shipyards, designers, suppliers, and more that they can pro-actively establish the industry's own sustainability agenda. Not only that, but also the agenda can and should go beyond legislative requirements, The question is, of course, how does a company eager to embrace this figure out where to start? The solution comes in the form of specialized sustainability training. Robert and the Water Revolution Foundation have partnered with the Centre of Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), a renowned sustainability training institute, to provide a credited and proven program tailored to the industry. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, Robert and Nikos Avlonas, president of CSE, discuss: how their two organizations came to work with one anotherhow sustainability has a far broader definition, and far more wide-reaching impact, than recycling or eschewing plasticswhy being pro-active can positively impact a company's bottom line and image among yacht buyerswhat becoming a certified Sustainability Practitioner means, and its benefits and more.

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