10 Steps to Creating a Membership Site Plan: Part 2 - Episode #5


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Membership Site Planning is basically a visualization of what you need to produce, in terms of content and products, and what you to need to provide, in terms of services and community, in order help your members get from their start to their end state in a step-by-step way.

In this episode, I've shared 10 Steps that will help you with your Membership Site Planning.

As membership site owners, we're basically problem solvers with the goal of helping people get to their desired destination in smaller but well-defined steps so they can get there with faster without getting overwhelmed. But if you dump random unrelated content with no logical order, they are going to figure that pretty quick, you'll lose their trust which won't be easy to gain back. You are going to end up with a high refund rate and ultimately a product that has no takers, as you cannot deliver on your promise.

Now, the plan does not have to be set in stone. You need to evolve and adapt based on your member feedback and the lessons that you learn along the way, but it's important that you are fully and absolutely clear about both the type of content you're going to deliver, the order in which you're going to deliver it and the benefits.

Follow the simple steps that I've shared in this episode to come with a plan for your membership site. And this series is going to keep getting better as next we'll deep dive into different components of your sales funnel!

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