8 Simple Tips to Create a Seamless Login experience for your Members - Episode #17!


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Successful login is key to creating a happy membership experience for your members. If the login stuff is not working right, it's going to frustrate your members more than anything else and they will lose trust in you because they can't access what they were promised when they purchased your product.

So making sure that your login process is seamless and problem free, is critical to the success of your membership site.

In this episode, I've shared 8 simple tips that will help you create a great login experience for your members:

1. How does the login work for people who have multiple products versus a single product?

2. Where should you send members after they login?

3. How do you tell the login form where to redirect users when they login? How do you configure that?

4. How you can prevent frequent login timeouts.

5. Should you create product-specific login page or one login page for all products?

6. How do you login and test user experience if you don't know member password?

7. How you can troubleshoot login issues.

8. How you can customize login form and messages.

And more...

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