Giveaways: One Key Strategy to Increase Participation & Engagement - Episode #22!


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In today's marketplace, where it's so hard to stand out from your competition, where you've to have to constantly come up with creative and smart ways to keep your audience engaged, what's that one thing that can help?


I'll be speaking at this year's podcast movement event in Florida and the topic of my presentation is... "gamification"!

It's all about incorporating gaming elements to non-gaming situations to create excitement and increase engagement. And giveaways are a big part of gamification strategy.

As I was doing research for this topic, I stumbled upon a giveaway campaign from a well-known marketer, Ezra Firestone. So I took a closer look at his funnel and was intrigued by the strategy he was using to get more people to participate.

I've shared the strategy and also all the details from my recent giveaway in this episode of "Membership Site Lab"!

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