How Jeff Sanders uses Learndash and DAP to deliver his Online Courses - Episode #9


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In this DAPCast episode, I talk to DAP user Jeff Sanders about how he leverages the power of DAP and Learndash to sell and deliver his online courses, and to manage his membership site.

Jeff talks about how he uses his podcast to bring his target audience to his site, how he converts his podcast listeners into subscribers and how he uses both Learndash (LMS) and DAP (Membership Plugin) to manage and deliver his online course and other products / services.

Jeff has a very popular podcast called "The 5 AM Miracle" where he shares productivity tips that will help you tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy. He uses his podcast to generate traffic to his membership site, which is at

And not just that... Jeff has also contributed an awesome BTS video to the DAPCast BTS library. He takes us behind the scenes of his membership site to show how has integrated DAP (his membership plugin) and Learndash (his LMS). Be sure to check it out at

This episode is jam-packed with value and I'm sure you'll agree after you listen to this interview!

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