How you can Protect your Wordpress Site WITHOUT Spending a Penny - Epsiode #14


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Protecting your website does not have to be an expensive affair! In this episode, I talk about specific plugins that you can download for Free but will provide you with almost the same level of security as some of the paid plugins.

Listen to this episode to learn about:

* The Key security plugins and options that are available to you for FREE. The goal of this episode is to educate you about the TOP few free and paid security options so you can come to a decision based on your specific needs and budget.

* Free plugin that you can use to block specific countries from accessing your site in the event of a hack!

* Free plugin that will allow you to block undesired spam comments, trackback and pingback spam!

* Free plugin that will allow you to hide your Wordpress login page without causing conflicts with other plugins.

* Wordfence Premium vs Wordfence Free Plugin! What should you use?

* How you can combine Wordfence free plugin with a few other free plugins to get almost the same level of protection as Wordfence paid plugin!

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