Part 2: The Top 7 Membership Site Myths - Episode #3


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It's definitely daunting to think that you have to continually create fresh content to justify what you charge for your recurring membership and as a result those that want to start a membership site are so overwhelmed with the amount of work and commitment that's involved in creating and running a membership site, they end up not even starting one.

A membership site is multi-dimensional. If your product does not naturally lend itself to an ongoing recurring model, then just don't use that model. There are several other membership site models. A recurring membership is just type of membership site.

This is part 2 of a 2-part series on Membership Site Misconceptions caused by misleading and incorrect information out there about membership sites that prevents people from achieving success.

These misconceptions does not only prevent people from starting a membership site as they believe they need to keep coming up with new/fresh content to keep their membership site going, but it also affects those that have a membership site because of unrealistic expectations from their membership site.

And the end result is just frustration & disappointment.

So with this 2-part series on Membership Site Myths, my goal is to educate you on these misconceptions so you can get the most out of your membership site!

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