Special Episode: News & Announcements - Episode #6


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I'm trying out a new format for DAPCast starting this episode. I'm introducing new segments to make every show even more valuable for you.

1. News & Announcements - I'll share the latest from the world of DAP and SPC. This way you'll get a quick update on what's new and what's coming soon.

2. Actionable Tips & Stratgies and Interviews - This will be the core segment where I'll share actionable tip & strategies to help you with your membership site or an interview with other membership site owners, so you can learn about how other membership site users are monetizing their content.

3. What I learnt this week In this segment, I'll share blog posts or podcasts or quotes - things that will help you with your online business or motivate you if you're feeling stuck.

4. Quick Recap I'll do a quick recap of whatever I share in segment 2, and plans for the next episode.

In this episode, I've also shared the latest news & updates from DAP and SPC. We've ton of exciting things lined up for release. Take a listen to find out more.

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