Cracking the Code of Fulfilment with Paul Shepherd - Episode 213


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Here’s a reality check: you can’t buy your way to happiness or fulfilment. Consider this episode a chance to start to explore the truth of your reality. You’ll be surprised to see what emerges.

In this episode, Paul Shepherd discusses with host Ian Lobas how to develop a higher level of conscious awareness so you can live a life of purpose and meaning. A Sydney-based seven-figure entrepreneur, Paul is a coach who has combined science and spirituality to crack the code of fulfillment.

You’ll hear him describe his journey - how he looked successful on paper yet didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled. He dove deep into consciousness and spirituality, how the universe works and how our entire societal system works and finally, his life and results began to improve.

His experience led him to create a holistic 360 degree approach, called the Paul Shepherd Soul Purpose Mastery Methodology™, that nurtures the mind, the body and the soul and helps you think about truly being present and aligned with what fills you up.

Paul and Ian delve into the incredible benefits of getting in touch with yourself to the point where you no longer care what anyone else thinks about you. The concept is that when you are self-aware, you are self-governing and can self-correct how you show up in the world, right down to your body language, so you have maximum impact on the lives of others.

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In this episode you will learn about

5:53 - How to recognize incongruence

5:51 - Scarcity vs abundance

6:22 - The importance of going within

23:47 - The true meaning of surrender and letting go

49:38 - The key to energy management

50:57 - Do you need beliefs?

52:21 - How you manifest your reality

53:03 - Why you shouldn’t focus solely on controlling the outcome

55:26 - Types of resistance

58:18 - Human design and decision making

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