Change Your Story, Change Your Life with Rich Curtis - Episode 208


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Do you ever wake up and wonder if this is all there is to this life? In this episode, Rich Curtis joins host Ian Lobas to discuss the critical importance of understanding how the negative story you tell yourself about what's happened to you can hold you back and cause you pain.

If you’re successful on paper but feeling unfulfilled, this may be the key. These stories are the ones that keep playing on a loop in your head but Rich and Ian help you unravel the past programming that’s keeping you stuck. They offer practical advice and tips on how to clear out stories that do not serve you and rewrite them so you can thrive. What’s more, they provide a specific set of tools that can help you to cultivate resilient happiness and course correct whenever you need to get back on track.

Rich has spent his whole life being a guide. He started at 14 years of age, teaching people rock climbing and backpacking. Then he spent a decade as a traveling raft and mountain guide. After leaving the traveling guide life, he spent 15 years guiding people through the process of making the largest financial decision of their lives in the real estate industry. Today, he works with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, go-getters and adventurers to guide them through the process of deciding what’s next and help them turn everyday moments into epic opportunities to celebrate life.

If you’re at a crossroad where you’re trying to choose the right path, this is the episode for you.

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In this episode you will learn about

7:31 - How grieving men can recover and thrive rather than suppress and suffer

19:56 - How our biology is linked to our stories

26:15 - How to cultivate resilient happiness

35:32 - Steps to rewrite any story from one that holds you back to one that takes you where you want to go

36:29 - How to identify the bad stories that hold you back and cause you pain

43:31 - How the first rule of learning to raft guide will teach you to recalibrate your internal GPS and get direction, then momentum

55:25 - Four habits to create the optimum neurochemical environment in the brain for happiness

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