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Wouldn’t you love to get your finances in order? In this episode, host Ian Lobas discusses with Ryan Clark, founder of Qube Money, how to manage your money with purpose.

Ryan began his career in the real estate market, flipping five houses at the age of 18. Later, as a mortgage broker, he found that his true passion was teaching people about money.

He is the author of the book ‘The Order of Wealth’, which explains a simple process anyone can use to create and keep wealth.

As a financial planner for more than ten years, Ryan watched his clients fail at budgeting over and over again. He would recommend programs, but none of them seemed to stick. He saw some success with the traditional cash envelope budgeting system; however, they’d usually fall off the wagon when clients shopped online.

That’s what inspired him to take the cash envelope system and make it digital. Ryan launched Qube Money to provide better tools, systems, and training to clients, allowing them to work toward real financial freedom.

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In this episode you will learn about

12:01 - Fulfillment

12:14 - Avoiding a life of regret - “If I don't do this, I will never know”

12:43 - Learning through failure

14:50 - Understanding who you are and developing self-love

15:41 - Foundation of the business, fundamentals

16:00 - Pick your hard

16:59 - Humans are built for hard, to take on challenges as noted in the ‘Wild At Heart’ book

18:30 - Preside, Provide, Protect

18:54 - Man needs a mission

24:27 - The difference between financial planners and holistic planners

24:47 - How to build your Financial House

26:29 - Most financial planners are corporate salesmen

29:12 - Financial habits

32:37 - The Cash Envelope Budgeting Method

34:17 - Qube system

38:36 - Creating the proper environment for your money

44:12 - Interdependent relationships

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