17| The Misconceptions About Nice Guys w/ Kevin Alexander


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Quote From the Episode:

“The art of seduction is making somebody want more. That is what teasing is. When you give in, the seduction is over.”

– Keving Alexander

About Kevin Alexander:

Kevin Alexander is a dating coach, podcaster and author who specializes in helping shy, introverted guys who are tired of being rejected for being nice guy improve their dating and social skills.

In This Episode:

  • How nice guys can start to finish first with women by living out their truth, their passion and their vision
  • Two types of nice guys; the nasty nice guy who has negative beliefs about positive experiences, and the nice guy that women are actually looking for
  • Why guys with a strong self-identity tied to being a “nice guy” actually have an egotistical belief system
  • You need to work on your fashion, diet, exercise and social skills; you cannot expect to have the good life without putting in the work
  • The notion that women like jerks and assholes is really just you putting your problems on somebody else
  • If you can combine being a genuinely nice guy with the attractive tendencies of “jerks” and “assholes”, you will become completely unstoppable
  • The three traits of “jerks and assholes” that women find attractive: leave her wanting more, dominance and decisiveness
  • The true meaning of confidence
  • Excuses that guys make for not going for sex on a first date
  • The right time to initiate sex with a new woman
  • The fascinating history behind the “Madonna Whore Complex”


Quite simply, never give up.

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