107: Are You Doing Things On Purpose?


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“You must be able to see yourself outside of yourself. And then answer the question, ‘Am I doing this thing on purpose.’”

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It’s the weekend.

Common knowledge tells us that Saturday and Sunday are meant for relaxation, but the Gary Vees of the world say something else: that every minute we must be working. So, how do we know what to do with our time inside this contradictory framework?

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are reframing what recreation and entertainment actually mean. By understanding that not every second can be dedicated to work, we can reverse-engineer our days, planning for our moments of unplugging by allocating dedicated times for our craft.

Listen to today’s episode to see beneath the surface of our productivity-obsessed world, and understand how you must live your own life!

“Do not feel bad about yourself for enjoying yourself. Do not feel guilty about your guilty pleasures. They are yours to have and to hold.”

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Points to Keep In Mind
  • Ask what would you have to do to accomplish your 10-year goal in the next 6 months
  • If you don’t have ‘it’ - it’s not that you can’t have it, rather you aren’t willing to put in the work
  • Create time to enjoy coffee, watch TV, go on walks, and enjoy the proverbial roses
  • Assess whether your entertainment contributes to your profession or craft
  • Combat the need to be productive by planning your leisure time in advance
  • Know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it

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