74: Love, How To View It As A Utility (Not A Distraction!)


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“Love is not a distraction. Oppositely, love is a fuel. It is your big ‘why.’ It is your reason. It is your engine. And therefore, it’s logical.”

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Rom-coms paint a specific picture of love.

Happy couples skip through a city holding hands, free from the weight of jobs, worry, and stress. This reference point confuses more than it helps, as what we, in the real world, end up experiencing is something far different.

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are discussing love. For those of us in cutthroat industries, we might have trouble experiencing love in our off-hours. In this discussion, we unpack why that is so, and how we can combat those blockers. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to use our overly pragmatic muscles against themselves, and in turn open ourselves up to the powers of love.

“Instead of viewing love as some esoteric, poetic, undefinable feeling only left for the artists—we can imagine it also as a tool.”

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Points to Keep In Mind
  • Understanding the pragmatism of love allows you to feel it without worry or ego
  • Thinking love is a distraction prevents you from living in the happy contentment of it
  • Our main problem with love is that we think it’s either useless or dangerous
  • Use pragmatism against itself to combat against skepticism of love
  • Love is logical for 2 reasons: rest and an antidote to fear
  • Love asks you to forgive yourself and others
  • Do not confuse love with pain

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