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Merchants of Dirt Episode #37

Break your race out of obscurity by announcing your event at other events using the roadshow concept to get the word out.

Take Your Race Promotion on the Road

Did you know your race is a product? Well, it is! Your race is a time sensitive, exclusive product that can only be experienced the one time it is offered. If you miss it, you miss the experience of the product until next year. Maybe there will be another race, but there will never be another race like the one you missed. This is the product created by race promotion.

However, when it comes to selling this product, we sell it like we’re trying to give people the secret passcode to our hipster club hidden underneath the bike shop. If people are lucky enough to figure out the code, they manage to get registered. What about those that are not lucky enough to figure out your code? How many of THOSE racers do you fail to reach?

Here's a clue to solve THAT code. On race day, go stand in the parking lot of your venue. Then count the number of parking spaces that are empty just before your first starting gun. Then calculate: Missed Opportunity equals what you need to not go broke over Empty Spaces times 10.

Solve for X.

How does it work?

First, pick several big races within about a 100-mile radius from your event. Consider events that are similar to your event, but might not be in direct competition (adventure races, orienteering, trail runs, etc.). The idea is to hit enough big races to give your pre-registration a good enough boost. With that list in hand, start to see which races will let you do one or all of the following:

  • Become a sponsor
  • Be a new source for volunteers
  • Be a racer among racers
Putting a Roadshow into Practice

What if you wanted to promote your upcoming race during a big event? In this example, I talk about the process of reserving and utilizing a vendor space during last year's USA Cycling Mountain Bike Nationals at Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Some of the links from my example can be found here:

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