Metal Mayhem ROC- The History of Metal- 1973


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Good evening metal heads! Its Thursday and it time for a brand-new episode of Metal Mayhem ROC.

This week I welcome two show contributors on to help introduce a new original series we are taking on titled “The History of Metal.”

Ian O’Rourke from the band MOTORLORD and Metal Mayhem ROC show metal historian “Metal Walt” help navigate this awesome new series.

We are dedicating one entire episode to a particular year and reflect back on what the hard rock and Metal landscape was like at the time, revisit the albums released that year, introduce new bands debuting and just enjoy a fun, informative discussion. We have decided to showcase the 15-year run of 1973-1988, as we feel this period was the most explosive and history making time frame when chronicling the history of metal.

We encourage feedback from the listeners, welcome fact checking, both your opinions and takes on these bands as we take a look back at the HISTORY OF METAL.

Thank you for your support and always -Keep It Heavy.

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