Episode 141 - Interview with Chad Z (James' Guitar tech)


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On this special episode we sat down with the lovely Chad Z to talk all things teching for James and Metallica in general. Here are a few of the topics covered:

PS - The interview begins around the 27 minute mark.

  • growing up a drummer in Wisconsin
  • breaking into the music industry as an audio engineer in Minneapolis
  • touring with The Breeders, Garbage, Hole and Tori Amos
  • working with Veruca Salt and Bob Rock
  • details on getting the Metallica gig
  • being healthy on the road
  • establishing trust with James
  • making the pedal changes live for James
  • working with Metallica at HQ during writing/recording sessions
  • what he does when Metallica isn’t touring
  • the Grammy’s/Gaga fiasco
  • the Chris Cornell Tribute show
  • making mistakes at a show
  • James kicking his guitar in St. Louis
  • James’ unique digital acoustic guitar
  • solving problems on stage
  • transitioning from real amps to Fractals
  • the process of matching the tones from the albums to the fractals
  • the correct tunings for Sad But True, Thingy, Seek and Dream No More
  • the purple baritone Snakebyte vs. the ESP Grynch
  • the “Blue” and “Black” identical backline systems
  • Metallica’s studio plans for 2020
  • Favorite cities while traveling
  • favorite songs on the setlist like “The Outlaw Torn”
  • why “No Leaf Clover” is a pain in the butt
  • staying physically and mentally healthy on the road
  • Hurting his shoulder at the Lisbon show
  • How James chooses which guitars to play
  • re-stringing James’ guitars
  • Metallica releasing official Ernie Ball strings
  • Chad’s personal preferences for guitars and musical taste
  • the differences between European and US audiences
  • accommodating guest guitar players like Lemmy, Mustaine, etc.
  • The logistics of preparing for a show like S&M2
  • Metallica’s enduring legacy

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