3. Transitional Justice / “Taste the Black Tears”


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In this third episode, we get funky and talk about mummies, statues, and tales of horror - all legacies of Taiwan’s 38 years of martial law and White Terror under Chiang Kai-shek’s regime. But most importantly, we talk about how to move forward.

This is Metalhead Politics, a show about music, politics, and Taiwan. Co-hosted by Freddy Lim of Chthonic and Emily Y. Wu of Ghost Island Media.


Original theme song by CJ

Intermission music “超級機歪人大戰” by Burning Island (2016)

Credit music “Taste the Black Tears” by Chthonic from the album Battlefields of Asura (2018)

Additional music by Chthonic:

43:15 “Millenia’s Faith Undone” from the album Battlefields of Asura (2018)

Additional music by CJ (keyboard of Chthonic) from the album UNR (2020):

00:53 “Losing The Edge”

07:34 “Face”

10:53 “Escape D”

14:30 “Get Back There”

18:12 “Hero”

20:24 “Panic”

23:10 “Emotion On”

30:44 “The Dark Side”

33:10 “Hero”

37:59 “God”

39:54 “Psycho Stone”

49:52 “Save You”

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