4. What Hollywood can learn from Taiwan / “One Thousand Eyes”


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China’s overreaching influence in Hollywood is something that’s just become apparent. In Taiwan, however, this has been a reality for our creative industries for at least two decades. Today, Freddy and Emily lay down what Taiwan has learned from CCP censorship and the slippery slope to self-censorship.

Freddy recounts being threatened by Chinese students when Chthonic was on tour with Arch Enemy. The bands held a “to hell with them” attitude: the spirit of resistance is the core of metal and rock music. Freedom of expression is the foundation of all works of art. Creators should not abide by the arbitrary rules of authoritarian governments just to enter their markets.

We also remember the late-president Lee Teng-Hui who passed away at the end of July.

This is Metalhead Politics, a show about music, politics, and Taiwan. Co-hosted by Freddy Lim of Chthonic and Emily Y. Wu of Ghost Island Media.


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