Episode 37: Satori


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This episode is with anesthesiologist Dr. Rachel Allen. In this episode we compare mutual life notes and learn from one another. We cover ground on topics like awareness, consciousness, the brain, how to create space in the mind to see who we really are and how we can differentiate from the not self narratives we buy into. Rachel discusses the dynamic at play in one's own mind in the thought process "this isn't who I want to be". Rachel encourages looking at that, "Wait, if "this" isn't who I want to be who's "I" and who's "This?" It's different." Rachel shares why that distinction is paramount and how to lengthen that brief moment in time to better grasp who you yourself are. In the last 15 minutes of our interview Rachel and I discuss the clinic, Satori, she's opened with her husband Scott Allen who is also an anesthesiologist. Satori is the buddhist term for sudden enlightenment. Their clinic offers ketamine injections to heal anxiety and depression, as well as lidocaine administered intravenously for nerve pain.

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