Episode 38: Be Gentle, Be Kind


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Today I am sharing the words of British philosopher Alain De Botton. Because of the busy holiday season and Christmas next week we discussed over e-mail. I am sharing his answers here in this short ten minute episode. I was fortunate to have stumbled onto Alain De Botton and his work years ago. His books cover subjects like love, travel, architecture, and literature. Botton is also one of the founders of the organization The School of Life. The School of Life is just what it claims to be, a school of life. It is a rigorous idealogical organization intended to help you with the important things that you were never taught to handle in school. His novel A Course of Love and Essays on Love I particularly love. Listen to the episode to hear his answer (via e-mail) of what helps give him mettle, his call to humanity, and something to keep in mind on the subject of boundaries.

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