Episode 44: If You Dream of a Dream with Tishmal


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Today's interview is with Rachel Brockbank, or Tishmal as she's known to her fans. Rachel is a singer, songwriter currently pursuing a professional career in music. She is also family. She talked with me the same day she dropped her new song, I Have Dreams, that she wrote in collaboration with D.J. Kaskade. Rachel joined me remotely to discuss her new release and how she became the performer and artist she is now. Rachel shares how she grew beyond the comfortable identify of being a song writer and the process of being broken down and rising into the resilient open hearted stage performer she is now. Rachel shares what it means to her to be human and what she remembers to bring herself back home to herself. Rachel shares some advice for her younger listeners and we talk about the power of dreams and how they can bring us back to life.

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