Episode 46: Integrating with Kera Thompson


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Kera Thomspon is a force. We sat down together and discussed her work and other roles she juggles including: the on-court entertainment host for the Utah Jazz, yoga instructor, mother, and creative. She shared what keeps her in joy, and how she’s navigated what doesn’t. Thompson discusses balancing career and family. We compare notes on our individual integration journeys and the ongoing process from moving through that maiden archetype to mother. Thompson currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband and four children. Thompson shared what practices she has in her life that foster authenticity and how that has aided in developing her intuitive eclectic design aesthetic that permeates all aspects of her life. Thompson has a background in interior design and created a company called, Interwoven that also has influenced her design. She shares some distinct thoughts on navigating duality and feeling whole. “The larger your light, the larger the shadow that is cast.” -Richard Rohr. Thompson shared some sound advice that has served her well: embrace what resonates, let things go, become accountable for your “drishti” and everything you're taking in. Thompson speaks beautifully about transcending the boxes in your life whether that's through journal writing or developing an attitude of non attachment. You can find Kera Thompson on instagram at kera_thompson sharing some of her writing, design, and family life there.

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