Episode 67: M.M. Keeping Running Your M.O.


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When it comes to being true, be true to you! Don’t think it through, you know what to do, just do it too!
This episode is a short 10 minute Monday Morning Musing sharing my opinions about being yourself and finding that clear lens. Today’s episode is another Monday Morning Musing on perspective. I recently found some renewed clarity and then simultaneously found my missing pair of sunglasses, very ironic. I use this story of finding my lenses as a framework to the idea of being yourself: run your "M.O." and you'll find clarity.
I think deep down we all know what works for us and how to be ourselves.
In the last few minutes I share some words from John Muir to serve as a reminder of the restorative power in nature. Keep trusting in running your M.O, or as I mentioned in the episode, your dharma. Keep doing the things that make you happy (like my example of sweeping). There is so much wisdom remembering that you just have to be the best you!

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