Episode 22: Under the Hood with Dr. Nikki


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Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nikki (Arguinzoni-Gil) is back to share more about what she's learned and seen working with patients for over a decade. We discuss some of the differences she sees between men and women. Dr. Nikki does it all with her patients: inflammation, chronic pain, infertility issues, hormone balance. She is also a gifted cranial therapist. Nikki also works with people of all ages and she described some of the the things she sees a lot of in each generation. i.e. finding your footing in your 20's, or trying to feel like yourself again in your 50's. No matter what the age Dr. Nikki describes what healing involves at any age, asking for help. Dr. Nikki gives some particularly sage advice to people in the midst of menopause/andropause.

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