WTKA Roundtable 1/13/2022: In Defense of Neanderthals


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Things discussed:

  • Harbaugh to the NFL? Only the Raiders, and only if they make a ridiculous offer.
  • Difference this year from last: Harbaugh went through last January’s renegotiation.
  • If anyone’s going to make the move it’s the Raiders making a big one. Jim’s gotta know however that it’s not going to last.
  • Donors who are for Michigan not their own self-aggrandizement is what makes Michigan so competitive. Having Ross be mostly hands off helps Michigan keep the donors from messing with the program, and that’s something that other schools envy us for. Good donors want a better linebacker, not more access.
  • NIL and “NIL”? Michigan is coming along, probably not as fast as other schools are going to keep adapting.
  • Transfers? Michigan’s only gotten one guy since 1990 who got more than a few credits towards a Michigan undergrad degree to transfer: Grant Mason from Stanford. Everyone else was a grad transfer or more or less started from scratch.
  • Can Michigan be competitive in this environment? If the talent is more diffused. If Bama and UGA and Ohio State have their choice it’s unlikely Michigan can go 3-0 against them to win a championship. When you have an Ole Miss and Florida and A&M focused on getting the guys who want to go wherever’s offering the most money, that takes the top off of Bama and Georgia and Ohio State.
  • Hoops: Problems they have are not solvable, because they don’t have wings. Their thruck will change at least. Illinois is playing great even without Curbelo. Frazier is the kind of guy who can tear us apart.
  • Hockey: Made it over their bumpy part of the road and Mel teams have good second halves, but the Olympics could leave us severely depleted. Still look like a good team to make a run in the playoffs. Great UMass series this week.

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