Ep 334 - Mic'd Up Toronto - That single life


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Episode 334 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics include: -Single life: We take a closer look at life through a single person’s perspective. How do you handle family who always bug you about getting married and settling down? How do you handle friend’s terrible dating advice? We tackle all these questions and much more! -Permission to kiss: Some people think a guy should have to ask a girl for permission before going in for a kiss. Is this how things should work in today’s society or is that a major turnoff? -Successful people: We analyze some of the most common traits that successful people share. What personality characteristics make people successful in life? -All this plus so much more! Reminder that we are now on our summer schedule which means new episodes of Mic'd Up Toronto every Wednesday! We will return to our 2 episode per week schedule towards the end of the summer. Credit for intro music: Fireworks by Jahzzar From the free music archive CC - BY – SA

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