Things gals need to stop doing on dating apps immediately


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Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating.

They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them.

You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, swipe, swipe all their hopes and dreams away everyday on these apps because they A. Have an unrealistic expectation of what it is that they're looking for B. They think they have more options than they actually do C. Have no idea that they are in fact the problem.

Meanwhile, men are doing the same thing when we see the ridiculous shit women post on these apps that they think are normal and appealing to men. They're not. That being said, here is a list of shit I came up with that females need to stop doing immediately if they want to improve their results in online dating, specifically as it pertains to attracting a high value male.

Keywords and popshots aside, here we go:

Get off these apps if you're not ready to have casual sex - Sorry to break it to you but a high value male is coming to these apps to search for sex first and relationships second. He doesn't have time for your interrogations and inquiry. He needs you to understand he is high value and if you can't see it then you're not the right one anyways. The other thing you need to understand is that all males are coming to this app with this intention. Low value males will comply with your card games in order to reach that end but that too is their goal. So if you're thinking we don't just want sex, we do. That's what we're built to do. Fortunately for you if you can find the common ground it can be so much more than that.

Purge any reference to marriage from your profile immediately - If you have pictures of you as a brides made or you're friend showing a picture of the ring she just got, delete them now. A high value male does not want to see this. He is coming to these apps to Fuck first and look for a relationship second. Imagery of marriage sends the wrong message to the male mind. It tells them that if you message this girl then this is the end for you. He will envision that quickly and build a narrative in his own mind as to what you are based on the information that you present. You may not realize it but this is the message you are subconsciously sending, that it is time. While that might be what they high value male is interested in, he is not going to buy a building without a home inspection first.

Have vision but don't project - Look at how a man is presenting himself. If he is high value, chances are he will have nuances to indicate this. For example, I have a professional picture of me with my guitar. The nature of this photo depicts that I am a professional, not an amateur. I also have a picture of me with my camper and it's not a cheap one. These are small symbols that project that I am a high value male, because I am. If you can't see that or respect it, then go ahead and swipe to the next one because you're going to be too much to deal with anyways and if you don't have vision then a high value male doesn't want you on his team. That being said, envision what type of person I am or could be, but don't project your opinion or impression of me yet. These are merely teasers for the bigger picture. He will be doing that to you as well, so keep it in mind.

Never by any means put a friend or girl in a picture that is hotter than you - This is an all too common blunder that battleships women on a daily basis. A picture of your small tits next to your hot girlfriend with Pocahontas like hair busting at the seams standing next to your inadequate ass. Her beauty is not helping your cause. Case in point if a Ferrari is sitting next to a Fiat, which one is a person going to pick? It's a simple thing that women just don't seem to understand or be aware of. I'm going to lean on the side of them just not being aware of this but absence of awareness does not mean there is not a law on the books. This is a law that needs to be enforced with zero tolerance.

Identify yourself amongst the harem - We don't have time to search through that shit, I'm surprised you don't know this. You might care who our friends are and what they look like, but we don't care who your friends are and what they look like. We certainly don't want to have to do a statistical analysis to find out where exactly you are located in the said photograph. So don't fucking put pictures of you with all these other people. I'm talking about like ZERO. This is about YOU not YOUR FRIENDS. Your friends do not bring value to us and the ones that do should not be in your picture because they will only detract from YOU. See point 4.

No photo albums of your dog and you or any reference or implication that your dog means more to you than a human - Men, especially high value ones are thinking about themselves first so they can provide for everyone else, second. This is the traditional role that we play in humanity. The woman's role is to support the man and family 1st and everything else second, including the dog. A dog is not a human. It is a dog. If you want to see how loyal a dog is, have a stranger feed it for a week and then watch him disappear. They can't rationalize. They're fucking animals. I'm not saying they don't have value or they can't sense things about you, but they are not humans. If you treat them like one then go ahead and get a jar of peanut butter, spread it on your meat curtains and have at it. But if you're not prepared to do that I suggest you enroll in a rehab program that divorces you from the idea that your dog is the center of the world because it's not.

Don't tell us what your pet peeves are - If you have pet peeves, you are a low value female. They call it a pet because, just like a dog it is something that occupies your time, spends your money and shits on your floor. If you get upset when people don't use your turn signal then you when you grow up from your little girl self you are going to only evolve in your smallness when you become a woman and complain about the merlot stains on the leather seats in the private jet that the high value male is taking you on. Since the high value male doesn't deal with complainers, these attitudes are not going to make you succeed with him, so purge them from your profile immediately. Focus on you want and tell him that, not what bothers you.

Stop using filters for the love of sweet Jesus - I don't know what makes women think that using an app that makes them look like a UFO is attractive to men. It's not. We don't want to date a bitch with pig ears and a moose face. Save that shit for your creative writing blog. It's scary to us. But these bitches constantly do it. The smart ones, the stoned ones. It doesn't matter all girls seem to universally believe that filters are some how improving their attractive to men. They are not, so stop using them. As a matter of fact, delete all those apps from your phone because you're not 14 years old in anymore.

Be cautious posting pictures of you and your mother - I won't even say "popular belief" but Proven belief states that a woman becomes her mother. It's true. She's going to look like her and act like her. Just like I am my father, she will become her mother. Although there are some social habits, conditioning you received as a child, etc. that can be broken when you are an adult, looks is not one of them. So if your mom looks fat and tired then chances are she will be too. Take this with a grain of salt though. There are some exceptions to this rule. I have occasionally seen gals that don't look exactly like their mothers. (but they are usually adopted, jk). Sometimes weird genetics or incredibly intense sperm from the father's side can bust up the probability that you receive an ugly gene, etc. or cottage cheese legs, but just keep it in mind and take it on a case by case basis. It's not a deal breaker.

Photos that do not give an actual depiction of what you look like - This includes photos that only show your face or your face and your tits in a pushup bra or other tactical framing that covers up your flaws that will be apparent if you end up meeting in person. Big boned chicks or overweight girls with pretty faces do this a lot. The popshot is what he's going to be looking for, so if there are 6 pictures of you that deceive him and one that shows you are weighing in at 5' 2" 230lbs, you're clogging up the bandwidth. Frame yourself and your unique skills accurately and honestly so as to improve your odds and risk bruises to your ego when he drops the gauntlet on you for being a deceptive bitch.

Any photos that depict that you and your sibling are touching foreskin - So basically if you have a picture of your brother giving you a piggyback ride or his hand on your thigh in the family photo, delete it now. While you might deem that innocent, in the mind of the male it is not. It says he is threatening to introduce his dna into the bloodline in the tribe and upset the genetic diversity. This is an instinct. Same thing goes for pictures with Dad and whatever fucked up picture you post with him that might have a similar connotation.

Stereotypical artwork and unoriginal displays on the cityscape - Every male on the planet is tired of seeing the cursive murals and bitches becoming the I in I am repelling males sign that sits outside the Arboretum. Don't do it. Don't even fucking think of becoming the I or the B in Bout to swipe this bitch out of my life. Seriously. When I am president all of these unoriginal displays and copycatted murals will be eradicated just like Hitler burned books.

Anything that makes you look like a man or exhibits male traits - This includes images of you with a 5 point buck, you playing beer pong, you in muscle or strength competitions, or these dumb mustaches you bitches think are cute. They're not. None of that shit it. We do not want a man, we are looking for a woman. To a lesser degree things like being overly interested in sports and being able to name all the players on any particular team, knowing stats or espn announcers by name. Men are looking for women, not women with male traits.

Swipe right if you voted for any particular candidate, saying you support illegal immigrants killing law abiding citizens movement and still getting to stay here rent free movement, or that you're a feminist or any shit like that . None of these shit are your beliefs anyways. All these movements were created by huge multinational corporations and government think tanks to enslave you and the rest of the population. If you have a belief or a cause it needs to be original. Hating Donald Trump is not an original thought, nor is anything you say bout him a thought you formulated on your own.

You need to understand that two individuals can still have healthy lives if they have differing beliefs. If you're with a high value male he is usually able to over time break your false belief system and institute one that serves you and the world better than what you think you believe now. That's his job as a successful male and head of the family to be the planner and continue to insure you survive in the proverbial tribe. See my podcast on this where I talk about the airplane mechanic and the pilot. They have different roles.

Saying your next trip is going to be to Mexico and shows you staying at resorts - Going to a resort in Mexico is not going to Mexico. These so-called "trips" or "world travel", Bali or whatever are not real depictions of these countries and therefore disqualify you from being a well traveled individual. Same thing with Santorini or any shit like that, if you're not actually immersing yourself in the reality of these places you might as well be playing an Xbox or other virtual reality game because that's what it is. It's virtual, but it's not reality.

Saying your dream dinner guest is some pop star, celebrity or any other member of society that has done nothing for humanity - Seriously this shows you lack general understanding of the world and project shallowness and if you love or envy those type of people you need to work on your inner self first before you interact with a high value male. You can name any celebrity and remove them from society and literally nothing would have changed. You can add any celebrity and literally nothing would change. These people are extras in the theatre of life whereas someone like Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers or Steve Jobs played the leading roll.

Brands and Symbols that attempt to elevate who you are through their own equity as opposed to what you contribute - This includes expensive cars, Terrdacdyl skin bags with branded indicia, photo walls or any shit like that. Consider adding things that highlight unique skills like you playing the clarinet or a video of you doing standup comedy, regardless of how shitty your joke is. This shows that you are unique and not using inanimate objects in an attempt to fill the holes.

Any other bullshit that’s bullshit like saying you like weekends out on the patio bar, karaoke, EDM music festivals, desert revivals, or other shit that used to be original and now is not, fake artists, you get my drift

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