Microsoft Teams for frontline workers. 2021 Updates


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Build a consistent experience for frontline workers with Microsoft Teams updates. Take a look at the latest updates for frontline workers in Microsoft Teams. The past year has revealed a gap that exists for essential workers in terms of equal access to technology. By proactively extending the Team's platform to them, you can avoid workers finding their own potentially risky solutions.

Microsoft Teams can run on either personal devices or shared devices, it's integrated with your back office, and it's secured by design. You can also configure it to meet the specific needs of your frontline workers, their managers, or IT. Everybody benefits, and it's a consistent experience. Daniel Hidalgo, Product Manager for Microsoft Teams, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share Teams updates for:

• Frontline workers- easy sign-in, and new capability called Walkie Talkie

• Managers- new ways to manage your Teams with My Staff portal.

• IT- new policy packages, Team templates to speed up configuration, as well as new options for managing shared devices in Endpoint Manager


00:00 - Introduction

02:01 - Demo: sign in, navigate the app

04:08 - Communication elements: tasks, private chats, team conversations

05:37 - Walkie Talkie

07:15 - Create unique apps using Power Apps

09:05 - My Staff manager experience

10:51 - Team templates, policy packages

12:02 - New Endpoint Manager preview features to enable shared devices

13:35 - Wrap up

► Link References: To get started, check out

Walk through an entire power app build start to finish at

Build a simplified Azure AD experience called My Staff at

Find out more about Azure AD shared device mode at

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