How to present videos in Microsoft Teams meetings WITHOUT LAG using web streaming & PowerPoint Live


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Need to present a video to a group of people online, but when you play it on your computer and share your desktop, it’s laggy and dropping frames for others in a Microsoft Teams meeting, or maybe it’s missing the audio track?

In this remote and hybrid working tip, Jeremy Chapman from the Microsoft 365 team at Microsoft will show you a simple trick that will avoid those issues using web streaming along with PowerPoint Live as part of a Microsoft Teams presentation, so everyone can watch your video without lag or missing audio.

He'll also explain what’s causing the lag or dropped frames when you share a video using desktop or window sharing and give you a step-by-step tutorial so can share videos the right way in your future presentations.

► QUICK LINKS: 00:00 - Introduction 00:28 - Video playback challenges when sharing your desktop 01:24 - The solution using web streaming 01:58 - Using PowerPoint Live to share and synchronize video playback 02:22 - Demo: adding online videos using PowerPoint on the web 03:34 - Demo: Microsoft Teams meeting experience for the presenter and other participants 04:29 - Demo: Using PowerPoint desktop to add a video from your device 04:50 - Demo: Uploading a local PowerPoint file to enable web-based video streaming in a Teams meeting 05:39 - Closing thoughts and link to similar videos

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