Microsoft Project and Dynamics 365 Project Operations | Updates for 2021


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Take a look at new project management options from Microsoft, and how they meet your project needs. From integrated experiences with Microsoft Teams using Project for the web, all the way to Project Operations in Dynamics 365 to support the delivery of project-based services with seamless integration into your ERP system, and manage all phases of your projects.

We've set out to take our mature project management engine with Microsoft Project, and make project management more accessible to everyone in your organization. George Bullock, joins host Jeremy Chapman, to share project management options for sophisticated projects.

Project for the web

Now use it within the context of Microsoft Teams. Easy to create and manage projects — see completed tasks, track progress, and modify details Contacts are in Teams, natively, right in your directory service.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Project for the web capabilities are embedded within, so core project planning and resource management is the same. Expanded set of capabilities across sales management and project accounting. Easily manage your entire project life cycle, from planning to billing and finance.


00:00 - Introduction 02:32 - Project for the web in Teams 04:30 - How to manage a more sophisticated project 06:06 - Project Operations in Dynamics 365 08:46 - Billing capabilities 09:33 - Finance capabilities 09:59 - Set up: Project for the web 10:47 - Set up: Project Operations 11:27 - Wrap up

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