#01 How to be internet famous in China (Part 1 of "China's internet and creation")


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China has only 55% internet penetration, but almost every person online is using a smartphone, therefore a lot of phone-optimized content (video, news, silly applications to make your selfies look beautiful) is created every day. As of this month of recording, October 2018, Bytedance, the Chinese company owning news aggregator Toutiao and short video app Douyin/Tik-tok, is now THE most valuable startup in the world, more than Uber or Baidu. ​虽然中国只有55%的互联网普及率,但几乎每个网民都使用智能手机,因此每天都产生大量内容(视频,新闻,很傻但让你看起来很漂亮手机APP)。截至本期节目录制时(2018年10月),“字节跳动”这家中国公司公司——旗下有新闻聚合器APP“今日头条”和短视频应用“抖音”/“Tik-tok”(抖音视频国际版)——现在已经是世界上最有价值的创业公司,超过了优步或者百度。 So, as I work on a television project I wanted to talk to those who just create articles, funny videos, and news on the Chinese internet. How do they make a living by creating online content? How do they find followers? And how big is the competition? 鉴于我正从事电视行业,我很想与那些在中国互联网上写文章、创作有趣的视频和新闻的人聊一聊。他们是如何通过创作线上内容谋生的?是如何吸引受众的?这个行业的竞争有多大? This episode will be a two-part series on how the internet is changing content creation in China. Next month we will look at how today’s advertisements are light years away from what was done just 5 years ago. 这一集是关于互联网如何改变中国内容创作的第二部分,下个月我们将关注现在的广告作品与5年前的巨大差异。 With Erman – Weibo & Wechat influencer / 微博和微信( 就是曼仔 )影响者 Erman’s Weibo / Erman Instagram Ben Jonhson – Douyin celebrity at the 和歪果仁说英语 channel /‘和歪果仁说英语’抖音红人 Ben’s Instagram / Ben’s (personal) Douyin Tang Yiqing /唐宜青 – Founder & CEO of media app “Juzi Yule” / 社交软件‘橘子娱乐’创始人兼CEO www.happyjuzi.com And as usual, your host Aladin Aladin’s Linkedin / Aladin’s Twitter / Aladin’s Instagram From this interview we have found three take-aways: 从这次采访中,我们总结出三个主要观点: 1) Whatever you do, do it with heart, and glory awaits – 无论你做什么,精诚所至,金石为开 As you will create content solely in Mandarin, there are so many people in China waiting for quality content that fans will soon flock your account and be your die-hard fans. No need to overthink a strategy or work on something you don’t like just because it is today’s fashion. Content is king and you should first focus on what you like and what you are good at to share with the world. 如果你用普通话来创作,你的潜在受众将有很多,大家都在期待高质量的内容,粉丝很快就会涌入你的帐户并成为你的铁粉。因此没必要过度考虑策略,或者做一些你并不喜欢、但是现在很火的内容。内容为王,你应该首先关注自己喜欢以及擅长的内容,把它分享出去。 2) When do you start running ads? – 什么时候开始投放广告? As your brand will need time to develop, don’t start too soon to partner up with commercial clients. The question is not really if your followers will dislike it or not, but more that you need first to reach a good level of content creation that will allow you to get a lot of followers. When you have created enough videos and articles, then you can move on to phase two: Partner up with a brand and sell their product. Some people might hate it, especially when you do a “soft ad” which looks like real content, but the common people will understand you need to make a living and will forgive you. 因为你的品牌需要时间发展,所以不要急着去寻找商业伙伴。最关键的问题不是你的粉丝喜不喜欢你,而是首先你需要创造更多有品质的内容来吸引关注;当你创作了足够的视频以及文章,你就可以开始第二阶段了:与品牌合作,开始做营销。有些粉丝可能会讨厌营销手段,即使你做了一个内容很好的软广,但大部分人还是会理解你的生存需要、释怀你的营销行为。 3) Don’t try to cheat to become famous – 绝对不要试图靠撒谎来走红 There is a huge temptation to buy “zombie fans” or fake comments. First of all having a million fans for only a few likes and comments will definitely make your account look shady. Also, from time to time the platforms will purge fake accounts and might even punish you for it, so don’t accept weird propositions from strangers to sell you fans. Also you should rest assured that if you start working with a brand to help sell their product and you need to reach as many fans as possible you will have to pay the social media platform to help on that. And that kind of spending’s are usually part of the budget of the brand working with you. So just keep your head down and focus on having quality followers. 买僵尸粉或者做假评论是有很大风险的。首先如果拥有百万粉丝的帐号下仅仅只有几个点赞和评论,这样看起来就很假。其次平台也会时不时地清除一些僵尸号,到时候甚至你也会受到处罚,因此,不要相信那些卖僵尸粉的陌生人。再者,如果你开始和品牌商合作、销售他们的产品,你就需要向更多的粉丝做推广,这时你就不得不在社交平台上花钱推广了,通常这些费用都是你合作品牌预算的一部分(品牌商帮忙推广后如果产品销量仍然不好,他们可能就要怀疑你的影响力了)。所以还是埋头苦干创作内容、吸引更多有质量的粉丝吧。 This episode will be a two-part series on how the internet is changing content creation in China. Next month we will look at how today’s advertisements are light years away from what was done just 5 years ago. 针对“互联网是如何改变中国内容创作的”,我们制作了上下两集节目,本期是“上集”。下个月将播出“下集”:现在的广告与5年前有什么不同。 Thing we talked about and you might not know A Wǎng Hóng (网红) is a celebrity on Chinese internet. The infamous “internet water army” (网络水军 – wǎngluò shuǐjūn) are internet ghostwriters legendarily paid half a yuan for a hasty copy-pasted comments. The apps and websites that we talked about were : 抖音 (dōuyīn – video) 快手 (kuàishǒu – video) 星座棋谈 (xīngzuò qítán – entertainment) and 今日头条 (jīnrì tóutiáo – news) The red scarf (红领巾 – hónglǐngjīn) is an important symbol of the Young Pioneers of China. And hiring a porn star to wear it publicity for your brand can have long lasting consequences. Ben Jonhson and his colleagues were inspired by the youtube creators “MamaHuhu – 马马虎虎”. The young blogger that Erman mentionned is 曲玮玮 (qû wēi wēi).

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