#22 Screenwriting for Chinese audiences


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What is it like to work as a storyteller in the Chinese film and TV industry? What is the relationship between producers and scriptwriters? How can one write a story that will resonate with Chinese audiences, and what is the market looking for? This podcast, recorded live at the The SLab in Beijing, explores these questions and the trials and tribulations of writing for the big screen.


Cai Jinru 薄荷菜 | Screenwriter

Jordan DeFazio | Screenwriter and Lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy

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Joey Wang | Screenwriter

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And, as usual, your host, Aladin Farré.

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Answers to the episode quiz:

1) Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 is the TV show that has been the most Googled in 2018.

2) There has been 29 cinematographic adaptations of Journey to the West over 9 decades.

3) Looper (2012) was the first film to make additional scenes for the Chinese audience. It was followed in 2013 by “Iron Man” and “21 and Over”.

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