Episode 27: The Mavens review: Grace's Secret / How To Make A Movie In 12 Days / Interview Fiona Hardy


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Today on Middle Grade Mavens, Pamela reviews, "Grace's Secrets," by Louise Park, and Julie reviews, "How to Make a Movie In 12 days by," Fiona Hardy, plus Fiona also stops by the Mavens hot seat for an interview....

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Want to request this at your local library? Here's the information you'll need.

Title: Grace's secrets

Format: Paperback

Author: Louise Park

Publisher: Berbay Books

Date: 1 September 2019

ISBN: 9780648397366

Author Links:


Want to request this at your local library? Here's the information you'll need.

Title: How to make a movie in 12 days

Format: Paperback

Author: Fiona Hardy

Distributor: Affirm

Date: 27th of August 2019

ISBN: 9781925870657

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